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Morgan's Marauder's is the sci-fi merc unit that makes up the bulk of my collection. Their back story is based in a  mix of the Aliens / Predator and Firefly Verse.  After working 30+ years for the Corporation, the two brothers Joe & Jake Morgan have decided to retire. 28 of the members of their merc unit decide to follow them to a remote planet they found and claimed during their travels. It's so far off the shipping lane, the Brothers Morgan figured no one will ever bother them. They can live out the rest of their lives free and in peace.
So they sell most of their hi-tech equipment and extra ships and set out in the WSS Pravda. With their famlies and companions, they go about starting a new colony on this remote world.
Right now with the space we have photostories ar'nt really possible. So I've kinda been working on some "back in the day" stuff. Upgrading armor, uniforms, civie clothes, weapons etc... Sooner or later I'll get back to building my colony. Till then I'm sure I'll have some interesting stuff to see.

Kyra and the girls

Jake and the troops

Jake and Joanna Morgan
Tanya and Rocky
Father Brule and Mother Kyra
Joe Morgan and Family

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