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Paul Isan David Jenkins 2-19-1963 to 5-31-2011

Watch for Changes

Paul and I had been collecting, kitbashing and customizing action figures and dolls for around 36 years together. So, for now, it's just going to be me sewing, painting, scuplting, paper mache work, photography, and all those other things that creep into your hobby work ... we all know how it goes ... there's that first doll, then there's two, now you need a place for them to be, then you find this and that and soon it's taken over your entire house.
Without Paul's half, it's going to be a little weird for me until I regain my balance. He did all the dirty stuff ... resin casting, bulk painting, cleaning faces for new paint, base spraying and seal spraying, wood work, dremel work.
Since we've been a team for a long time, it's going to take me a little bit to get back into the stream of things and there's going to be that learning curve were I teach myself to use some of the tools available to me. I will definitely miss my sounding board for ideas and aide.
This is the start of the updating. I've got lots of pictures I want to take, dolls, figures, clubs, events, people. I have much re-arranging to do and lots of text to write, pages to edit. But, maybe, you'll find a snippet here for your next project. You can write me at Laura_j32 (at) yahoo.com with questions or comments, I'll try to get back to you.
I'm also finding my way to the forums. Paul had them all set up on his computer, but his Doom crashed in April and all his links with it. I will be getting Doom back, but, where I used to sign in as Paul, I feel I should now come in as myself. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the show!

Cori in a new swimsuit
Click on picture to see larger image
Click on picture to see larger image
This is where Paul used 
to talk about updates 
to the E-Store or something 
special he found.
So, in keeping with that
keep your eyes on this
spot for new happenings or
other possiblities.
I'll be honest
I don't one rifle from
the other
but who knows
everything can be learnt.
Although, you'll find
I learn more to
Female Action Figures.
I am looking forward
to testing some of
my new ideas of some of the
new female figures
now available.
Here's Cori in a strapless one piece
Click on picture to see larger image

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