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We had the chance to go to the One Sixth Fanatic Expo in Henderson, NV this year. It was a great show and we met alot of very nice people from the hobby. Also, there were some good deals on accessories and figures from the dealers that were set up. I'm posting pictures from just the show right now, but I plan on adding pictures from the trip later.
First booth in the door was Cal-tek. They had all the figure lines they offer on display. Including DID, Barracks Sergeant, Soldier Story and their newest line ZC Girls.
You can click on the pictures on these pages to see larger images.

This is John King and I
It was great to finally meet John in person
This is Cyborg from ZC Girls
Here is the armor for Cyborg

We will have these figures in our store soon
We're hoping to have them before christmas

Here are two more figures that will be offered
from ZC Girls

The next booth we spent some time in was New Line minitures. They make some of the best action figure boots available. They also make military accessories and soon will have some civilian suits for sale.

All of these figures are wearing New Line
accessories and boots

Some of the new accessories
from New Line


A civilian suit
Coming soon from New Line

Another booth we got to see was the Toyriffic booth. Alex and his wife were very nice. They had some great accessories available. The new combat boots Toyriffic have coming out are very kewl. I guess we spent more time talking with Alex than taking pictures.

We will have these boots in our store soon.

We picked up some of these black bdu's
We will offer them in the store sometime this week.

We'd like to thank some of the people from the show for making us feel very welcome there. Mike Stannard, John King, Alex Sabonge and his wife, Rick Ivansek, Gram and friends from New line (sorry I'm horrible at remembering names),and Tung and Nan from EBT. It was great to meet some people in the hobby like Armand AKA Laughing gravy 2, PNC, Joe AKA SOF 62, and alot of other people who's names I ca'nt think of right now.

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