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Replacing Cy Girl ankle sockets page 2

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Pictures and text By Paul. Edited by the lovely and sweet Laura.

Start by replacing the balls in the feet / bootfeet. I'm gonna use Pb feet for this project but this will work with bootfeet too.
With PB feet replacement is easy. First take you pliers and pull the oringinal balls out. The push the new balls into the feet. Make sure the balls are straight from the front and side. Then put a little glue into the hole in the foot. This will keep the ball piece straight.
Bootfeet are a different matter. First you remove the screw from the heel of the bootfoot. Remove the boot sleeve. and push the ball pin from the side of the bootfoot. The replacement ball has a ball on each end. So you'll have to sand one down with a nail file or dremel toget it to fit through the top hole of the foot. Once you have it small enough to fit through the hole in the top of the foot you'll need to use something to hold it in place. I perfer Aves Apoxy clay for this. Mix the two parts of  the clay and make a small ball. push the ball of clay into the foot from the underside. Then push the sanded end of the new ball piece through the top hole. Make sure it's straight and no clay is coming out the top or bottom of the foot, let it dry. Put your bootfoot back together and it's done. Move on to the other foot and repeat the process.

Feet with new balls added

Now comes the fun part. Removing the ankle sockets.
With Takara body this is easy. Just pull them out. With PB's your gonna have to open the calf pieces enough to pull the socket out of the leg. With your knive carfully cut along the front and back seams of the calf. I use disposable untility knives for this. The blade may break and they are alot cheaper to replace. Once you have the glue in the seam cut loose gently open the calf till the socket falls out. Becareful not to crack or break the calf. You may even want to heat the calf with a hair dryer or by boiling it to make it alittle easier to open. Once the socket is out next comes putting the new socket in.
Put alittle glue on the shaft of the new socket piece. line it up straight in the ankle hole. and let it dry.

Old ankle sockets taken out
New sockets glued in

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