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Replacing Cy Girl ankle sockets

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Pictures and text By Paul. Edited by the lovely and sweet Laura.

We've found we've found that the ankle sockets on some of the older Cy Girl bodies tend toget loose. When this happens it's hard toget them to stand well, if they will stand at all. We've tried a couple of different ideas to fix this problem.
 One being painting the side of the ankle socket with clear finger nail polish. Now that does work for awhile and we've been told by other customizers that they have had great luck with that method. Also we've seen ankle sockets snap because some of the balls from some of the different models of Cy / Cool girls are larger than others. Either way there comes a time when the sockets may need to be replaced.
 So for along time now we've been looking for replacement ankle sockets to fix this problem. One of the reasons I do'nt really like Takara Cool girl bodies type 1, 1.5 & 2. Is the darn sockets pulling out everytime you try to change bootfeet.
If Takara wanted to make them replacable, why not make replacment ankles too? We honestly perfer the BBI Cy Girl Perfect Bodies. They look better, and the sockets do'nt pull out all the time and they are alot better price wise.

This is the set you'll want for ankle sockets
# PPC -T05

A couple of months ago we found a product that some what helps with this problem. A company called Yellow Submarine through their branch called Hobby base make ball sockets for Gundam models. These come in different sizes. Though none of these match the ball sockets on Cy girl the 6mm are pretty close.
  Now one warning. Once you replace the sockets that figure will not be able to use normal Cy girl or Cool girl feet or bootfeet again. You will have to replace the balls on any feet you decide to use for this figure.
On another note. These sockets will work well on replaceing any joint in any 1/6th figure. We're working on replacing some of the body joints in an Obitsu 27cm figure with these joints.
The one problem with this replacement project is getting the ball sockets. The only place we've been able to find them is Hobby link Japan. Though HLJ is a great place to do business it would be nice to have a place here in the U.S. toget them. If you like this idea and would like to have these ball sockets easier toget a hold of please contact your favorite retailers and put the push on them toget the U.S. wholesaler of Yellow Submarine to start carrying these great custom parts kits.

Here are the tools you'll need

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